5 Fruits for your Pooch

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Just like you, your pooch sure loves the fresh taste of delicious fruit. Just like you, they can reap the many nutritional benefits of fresh fruits. Below we have come up with our favorites, and as always, stop by the market and see all the treats and dinners we prepare with many of these fruits.

  1. Fresh Watermelon - Watermelon is full of Lycopene. This is a great antioxidant and can assist in repairing the body from damage caused by a disease. Not only is watermelon a great antioxidant but it is loaded with healthy vitamins A, B-6 and C. Let’s not forget how refreshing and delicious they are during these summer months. Afterall, watermelon is listed as one of the world’s healthiest foods.

  2. Blueberries - This fruit is known for its anti-cancer properties and the fighter of heart disease in dogs. Also loaded with tannins which are known to assist in fighting those pesky urinary infections. Filled with antioxidants you can’t go wrong with the blueberry. Check back in July for National Blueberry Month where we will break down all the goodness this berry brings.

  3. Pumpkin - You sure knew we were going to talk about Pumpkin. I think this awesome fruit could be a blog on its own. FIBER, FIBER and did we mention Fiber? This magical fruit can help digestion in many ways, from constipation to diarrhea. It’s got you covered in both areas. It’s filled with antioxidants that can help with your pooches overall cardiovascular health.

  4. Apples - Not only are these super delicious but come in numerous varieties and your dog will love them. They are also filled with antioxidants and Vitamin C that you dogs diet will benefit from.

  5. Cantaloup - This is the eye fruit. The fruit salad staple you love can benefit your dog's eyesight as well. The Beta-Carotene that is found in cantaloupe is a great way to combat cancer and cell damage along with overall eye health. Cantaloup is also a good source of vitamins B-6, C and potassium.   

So why don’t you try some of these amazing fruits to your dogs dish tonight. The health benefits by varying the fruits and veggies in your dog’s diet are tremendous. Please stop by the market and discuss safe options with any of our associates. Safety first puppy lovers!

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