The Bubbles Fund

A nonprofit of guardians that are planetary visionaries assisting animals. The Bubbles Fund provides compassionate care to animals in need. Our mission is to prevent and relieve suffering through our key areas:

  • Legal - state laws, local laws and pet parent rights, breeders and being licensed
  • Science and Research: like Nutrition - help fund studies and testing, herbal studies, cancer sniffing dogs, natural remedies to benefit mankind. 
  • Retirement - Sanctuary for Pets that have lost their pet parents. What happens next?
  • Community advocates: our police dogs or Pet Detectives - local areas needing funding for pet detectives that investigate abuse, stolen or lost pets, neglect, dog fighting, hoarding etc.
  • Wild Life Rescue - assist with making funds available for wild life rescue
  • Education - educating the community on how to become one with animals.