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Paws down The best place to ever take your dog or cat! Everyone was so helpful, nice, and knowledgeable. We asked questions and instantly got answers. No running around no BS. Friendly atmosphere friendly people. Dogs welcome on leash. Food was in a bad surprisingly some of the dog treats are edible and they were very good. From now on this is the only place I'm going for my dogs! I wish I can give it more than five stars they know what they're talking about. - Erik M.
My 7 year old Yorkie has struggled with skin troubles, itchies and spots pretty much her whole life....a few months back my husband decided to try out a new dog food called "now fresh" which we get at The Dining Dog and Friends (which I highly recommend!) I kid you not her skin was a brand new puppy skin within a week! - Allison B.

We think dining dog is the best place ever and our dog Willow agrees! The homemade food is amazing, our girl goes right to the kitchen area as soon as we walk in the door... She knows there is wonderful fresh cooked food in that kitchen. They have a great variety of goods, the bakery is better than most human bakeries. Willow loves the peanut butter Tandy cake and the cinnamon roll cookies. She seeks out the owner, Althea, every time we go there. Althea will often give her free morsels to try and has even given us a quart of pineapple chicken on the house! I am pretty sure heaven exists and it is dining dog. Thank you Althea and everyone at dining dog... You guys are the best. PS we drive over an hour each way to come to dining dog. It is that good! - Noelle H.

I have visited The Dining Dog multiple times and my pup Dex is no stranger to Althea and her crew. Today though, Althea pulled at my heartstrings and reminded me that there really are good people in the world in times of darkness. Dex has been through tests, bloodwork and xrays for the past 3 weeks only to be told he has either a parasite or inflammatory bowel syndrome and will need a prescription diet. Althea listed to my sob story and was extremely compassionate about my concerns. Althea suggested N&D with pumpkin & fish since Dex has had loose stools the past few weeks. Dex hasn't been eating much in those weeks and as soon as I filled his dish with the N&D food, he gobbled it right up. - Amy S.

I love this shop! It's seriously like Whole Foods for dogs and cats! I love the owners Althea and Risa. And even though we stopped close to closing time Althea still took the time to sample all kinds of tasty fresh goodness with Fifi and Sissy Lala. Calling them tomorrow to schedule an appointment to go over dietary needs and work with their acupuncturist to address Fifi's fluid retention. I'm so excited and hopeful for what's in store!!!! Thank you ladies! Your newest devotee! - Kelly D.
Went to the Dining Dog for the first time today to purchase a cake for our Lady girl. I was blown away! The store is impeccably stocked and decorated and the staff is so knowledgeable. This is clearly the place to shop for dog owners who really want the very best for the pup. I look forward to returning to work with Dennis again so can start our dog on a whole foods diet. Kudos! - Gina L.

This place is absolutely amazing. The have all healthy dog and cat food - nothing with those nasty by-products. And the best part is the food they cook right in the store - all human grade ingredients prepared fresh for you dog or cat! What could be better? Totally healthy delicious fresh food for you pet available already prepared - no shopping, cooking or clean up! The owner and the staff are so compassionate and knowledgeable. I had my dog on prescription food from the vet for the longest time even though I knew it was loaded with byproducts and bad stuff b/c I was scared to take her off of it thinking she would develop bladder stones again. I finally went the The Dining Dog and they took so much time to listen to our saga and all my dog's health issues and came up with a new food plan and herbal remedies and fresh food and my dog is thriving!! And the best part is she looks forward to meal time again - loves her food and is doing great. Best place I ever went to for my dog!! Love Althea and the whole staff!! - Tracy D.

I was referred to Dinning Dog by some friends who just LOVE these ladies and everything they do. I stopped by to visit and got some sample of dog food. My dogs seemed much better on the food but the price? The drive to get it? I had them on N&D food from Dinning Dog and we've attempted to go off of it a few times because I just cant find the time to drive 45 min to get it and D.D is the only place that sells it. It never works, we are never able to go back to "regular" dog food. The moment I give my dogs the crappy Purina food or even Rachael ray (which I thought might be ok) they go back to begging horribly, stealing any food that isn't locked with a dead bolt, even eating things like rocks, sticks, and my 150 year old woodwork in the house. Our 3rd attempt to stop the healthy food, my dog refused to eat. After 2 weeks...I caved and drove back to D.D. I didn't even get to pour the food out of the bag before the dogs were in the bag eating it. The benefits from feeding healthy food are real. Its worth the price, its worth the drive. It fixed my dogs skin issues, weight problems, loose stools, throwing up, and best of all her stealing food and eating everything that fits in her mouth. The other plus is, on "regular" dog food, my dogs eating 8 cups a day (she's a Great Dane) on "healthy" dog food she's eating 4 cups. So while you pay more for the bag, it lasts longer than your cheaper food.

Along with dog food, I got my coconut oil here which I LOOVE. Anxiety herbs for my little dog whos a mess, and these great cheese bones that keep my dogs busy for HOURS. I also recommend looking into the dried buffalo lungs. My dogs do ANYTHING for them. My Danes a runner off a lease, but if mom has a dried lung in her hand, who needs a lease! Talk about excellent training treats!

And last but not least, I agree with the 262 people before me. These ladies are amazing. They never forget my face, or my dog and I've only had her there once with me. They are able and willing to help any way they can. Very knowledgeable, very friendly. I have a pet store a block away from me who I visit regularly, they have no idea who I am when I come in. At dinning dog, you can stop going for 3 or 4 months like I have and they still don't forget you. I love to hear their ideas and gain their knowledge. Go in with an open mind. Be friendly and eager to learn and you will come out with an amazing experience.

I'm so grateful for these ladies and all they do. Because of them I'm able to provide my dog with healthy food and treats which make a noticeable difference in my dogs health and personality. Thank you!!! - Tia M.

My boyfriend and I took our 11-year-old Boston Terrier, Lucy, to the Dining Dog for the first time a few weeks ago. After leaving, our only regret was that we hadn’t gone sooner! You are immediately made to feel like family. We were approached by Althea and Dennis right away. They were so happy to let us know where to find everything and to explain everything in detail. We have always aimed to give Lucy the best food and care we know possible. Any chance to improve and maintain her health has always been a priority. Dennis took so much of his time to inform us of what is in mainstream dog food, and after about two minutes, we knew we had to switch to cleaner products, which is exactly what the Dining Dog carries. We picked out a few baked goods for Lucy’s birthday, which was our original reason for going to the store. Everything that is made in the store’s bakery and kitchen is extremely fresh and edible for humans as well! Before long, Dennis had piled up an enormous pile of ‘samples’ he was sending us home with free of charge! The supply was so large that it lasted us a few weeks. He also shared with us stories and pictures of his own pets. Everyone in the store genuinely cares about their customers – human or canine, etc.; in fact, you are encouraged to bring your pets with you. While we were there, every customer who came in was greeted by name, humans and animals alike. A very relaxed atmosphere fills the large space and every wall is covered with healthy food, treats, and toys. The whey, yogurt, and peanut butter is made from scratch. Today we went for our second visit and Lucy joined us. She was given treat after treat and showered with love and attention the entire time we were there. We have noticed an improvement in her skin and coat in just the few weeks since we have switched her food. You can’t imagine what the experience of the Dining Dog is like until you actually visit. For us, it has changed everything. Thank you to everyone at the Dining Dog for helping us to give the best care to a very important member of our family! - Kristen S.

I took my 7 year old Golden, Max, to the Dining Dog, upon the advice of a friend. Max had been diagnosed last winter with an autoimmune disease, which was affecting his muscles, and causing lameness. Treatment for that is steroids. Months later, Max was also diagnosed with kidney disease. He lost his muscle mass from the Prednisone, stopped growing hair, and was now dealing with yet another illness. On top of that, the right side of his face became paralyzed, and his liver enzymes also became elevated. And...he quivered constantly and stopped playing. It was heartbreaking. Then, about 3 months ago, Max started turning his nose up to so many different types of food...even homemade recipes. It was stressing me out beyond belief to watch my dog, who ate everything, including lights off the Christmas tree, and slate, to not want any food. So I took my friend's advice, and took him to the Dining Dog, where I met Althea. She explained to me that of course she's not a Vet, but had some ideas for me. She asked that I give her a month. Low and behold, Max started eating again, and his test results from last week came back dramatically better. I thank her to the moon and back. Max is a VERY special part of my first rescue, and a bond like no other. Thank you, Althea! - Lynne R.

Dining Dog is the place to go hands down!! I love this place & what Althea has been able to do for my Axl! He's been dealing with allergies, ear issues, & weight gain. After 2 weeks we already see improvement! She absolutely knows her stuff & has made such a difference for my baby! smile emoticon And my fur babies love their special treats, trachs, & gluten/grain free baked goods!! Althea you're the best!! - Tracey R.

Our dog, (Shih Tzu) Prinnie B constantly scratched, rubbed her ears and slid across the floor. I tried baths and medication with no success. Then through my neighbor, I met Althea. She convinced me to try no grain food. Prinni refused so I went back to the store with her and together we spent a lot of time with Althea. She recommended another dry food with a canned beef "hunks of beef." It has been 5 weeks and scratching is minimal, ear itch is improved and her anal glands do not fill as quickly. Her fur is shinny and soft. She doesn't have that bored attitude that made me walk her 3-4 times a day. She is a happier little girl. I can't thank Althea and her staff for all the time and friendliness they showed us. I returned today and Prinnie was introduced to yogurt and pumpkin. We tried it for a bedtime snack and she cleaned her bowl. Tomorrow we try Whey. I am looking forward to the first anniversary. Who knows what delights we will find. So bottom line....if you want a healthier and happier pooch, stop in and meet Althea. After all, if you can't spoil someone that only wants love, then you shouldn't have them. Prinnie is our special love! - Sandy B.