Not Just Any Yogurt

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Yogurt or not to yogurt, that’s the question. Some will say dairy and dogs don’t mix, wrong. Yogurt is good dairy, just make sure it’s the correct kind.

In some conventional yogurts, they may add some undesirable ingredients, such as colors, preservatives and sugars.  The dairy used can come from cows that are given hormones to increase milk production where those hormones are passed on to your pooch. Additionally, they use homogenized and pasteurized milk when making their yogurt. Therefore, it’s important to know where your yogurt comes from before you add it to your pet's diet.

Below are some of the benefits of adding yogurt to your pet’s diet:

  • High in protein, calcium, vitamins, live cultures or probiotics that will enhance the gut microbiota of your pooch
  • It is easily digestible and can prevent digestive problems
  • It can offer protection of the bones and teeth
  • Probiotics may help boost your dog’s immune system
  • Yogurt is also a nutritional option if dogs have a problem eating, if they have teeth problems or dental issues
  • It is also a great way to administer any of those medications that your dog won’t take on it’s own
  • Yogurt has less lactose in it since it’s used up during the fermentation process
  • Yogurt may enhance the absorption of other vitamins and minerals because of the bacteria

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