Call us at 610-351-9333 to place your order! 

We have one of the only full kitchen and bakeries for pets in the Lehigh Valley. Our Pet Bakery produces some of the finest homemade dog and cat treats. 

The Dining Dog and Friends can create that special cake for your pets Birthday, Anniversary, Adoption Birthday, Wedding, etc. We have choices from Peanut Butter and Banana round cakes to Meat Base cakes, such as a Chicken and Vegetable cake. Below lists our current options along with pricing. 

We ask that special orders are placed 72 hours in advance. We normally have cakes in our bakery case for you to pick from but we can not guarantee. Please call us at: (610) 351-9333 to discuss options and place your order. 

Peanut Butter and Banana Cakes:

  • 3 inch round - $15
  • 4 inch round - $20
  • 6 inch round - $30
  • Bone - $35

Pumpkin Spice Cakes:

  • 3 inch round - $15
  • 4 inch round - $23
  • 6 inch round - $33
  • Bone - $35

Gluten Free Coconut Cakes

  • 3 inch round - $18
  • 4 inch round - $23
  • 6 inch round - $33
  • Bone - $38

Meat Based Cakes - we offer a variety of meat based (protein based) cakes. Pick from Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Buffalo and more. Call for details on specific options for your pet.

Below pricing is "starting at" pricing. Please ask for exact cost when placing your order. Cost is determined by ingredients used and market price of the meat at the time of ordering.

  • 3 inch round - starting at $17.50
  • 4 inch round - starting at $23
  • 6 inch round - starting at $35
  • Bone - NA

Note: Prices for our Meat Based Cakes vary due to the ingredients used and market cost at the time. Please ask for an exact price when ordering as the above prices are just a guide.