Heart Healthy Dog


February is the month of love. We are celebrating the Heart this month and it’s a great time to evaluate your pets heart health. Heart disease is very common among our pets, the good news is there are a few simple lifestyle changes you can make for your fur baby to lower the risk of heart-related conditions.

Healthy Diet - Maintaining a healthy diet of whole food varied diet, including good fats.

Exercise - Your dog loves cardo. Going on walks, swimming, hiking, running, playing ball outside. Maintaining a healthy heart should include regular stimulation and exercise.  Both you and your dog will benefit.

Dental Care - Plaque, tartar and infection in a dogs mouth can enter the bloodstream and can be a cause of congestive heart failure. You can keep your dogs mouth healthy by using fish oil. Fish oil helps maintain gum health which helps keep teeth securely rooted, which will help with preventing tooth decay. Don’t forget about your dental chews. We carry a great line of different dental chews.

Taurine - Taurine can be found in real muscle meat foods - taurine is absent in cereal grains. It is super important for cats and dogs who are meat-eating predators that they are getting their diet from real meat. Lack of taurine in a diet can lead to serious eye and heart diseases. The vast majority of pet foods out there contain little or no real meat. Instead, they use byproducts. You won’t find any foods with by-products here at the Dining Dog and Friends.

Tri-colored organic popping corn

Popcorn - Popcorn is low in calories when made properly, air popping is at the top of the list. When popping at home we like to recommend using coconut oil. Popcorn has the ability to regulate blood sugar, lower cholesterol and improve the digestion process. By doing this you are helping to support a healthy heart.  Stop in we have tri-colored organic popping corn for the entire family.

Bee Pollen - Bee Pollen has many nutrients that include protein, amino acids, enzymes, coenzymes, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids make it great for animals and humans. The plant sterols and essential fatty acids reduce cholesterol, blood pressure and the risk of heart disease. Bee pollen also contains rutin, rutin has a protective action on the heart and capillaries.

Hemp - Hemp hearts provide long-lasting energy and it does it without stimulants. Provides more energy with fewer fillers. They are a really good source of essential fatty acids and contain a good amount of fiber. The fatty acid composition has a significant impact on inflammatory processes which are the foundation of numerous chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease. The high concentration of these acids support the transportation of oxygen throughout the body, oxygen will help block the bad stuff, like viruses and bacteria, to keep the heart healthy.

Supplements - There are many supplements that can assist your pet with their heart health.

  • CoQ10. This will help assure circulatory health and supports optimal function of the heart muscle. This is a fat-soluble supplement, meaning taken with a meal enhanced with fish oils is a power punch to guarantee absorption. Just because you put it in doesn’t guarantee absorption.
  • Hawthorne - Sometimes called Hawthorne Berry significantly enhances circulation to the heart and the brain while improving irregular heartbeats and arrhythmia. This is used for congestive heart failure and is used to treat both low and high blood pressure.

Look for our up and coming blog where we will be talking about absorption.