The Dining Dog and Friends is a whole foods pet market with a full kitchen and bakery that produces the finest quality of food for your pets. From soups and stews to our cakes and cookies in our pet bakery, you will find something for your furry family members. 

The Dining Dog and Friends is owned and operated by Althea Seeds and Risa Krohn. Two passionate and knowledgeable women who are determined to save the planet, one animal at a time. 

Althea prides herself on over 30 years of rescuing animals, from dogs/cats, squirrels, rabbits, bats, teddy bear hampsters and more. As a small child Althea knew that she wanted to immerse herself in all things animals. Her extensive knowledge on healthy choices for pet parents and her guidance on all things holistic and herbal is a breath of fresh air in the pet industry. 

Risa has years of corporate experience in management and buying. Her knowledge of products that are best suited for your pets is exactly what every pet parent is looking for, someone that knows what they will like, that is safe, stylish and is of the highest quality. 

This duo is just starting! The world has lots to see from these two amazing women who are determined to save the planet! 

Stay tuned for Althea's videos where she will share information with pet parents to help them raise healthy and vibrant animals.

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