Halloween Costume Tips For Your Pet

Fall is almost here and that means Halloween! One of our favorite holidays here at The Dining Dog & Friends. Not only is it the time of year we get to celebrate our store opening but we also like to celebrate Halloween with a costume parade for our furry friends. See our event HERE.

We thought we would share a few tips and things to consider when purchasing or making your Pet Halloween Costume. 

  1. Take into consideration the weather. It may be fall and a bit cooler in some parts of the country but it can get very hot quickly under those costumes. 
  2. When trying on a costume for your pet make sure that your fur baby has plenty of room to move around and they can walk freely with nothing getting in the way. 
  3. Pinching can be a problem with some costumes. Make sure there is nothing pinching or grabbing your pet's fur or skin.
  4. Be aware of any hanging or loose fabric, strings or objects. This can not only get in the way of your pet walking, sitting or laying down but also can be a choking hazard.
  5. Have fun! Make sure your pet enjoys wearing the costume. If you have to force your pet to wear it and they are absolutely miserable it may not be a good fit fo them.

This time of year is fun for everyone, including your pets. Make them part of the celebrations. We hope to see you at our annual Halloween 

Althea Seeds