Chicken Soup For Your Pooch

November 12th marks the annual National Chicken Soup for the Soul Day! This day was created to celebrate who you are, where you have been, where you are going and who you will be thankful for when you get there.  

We are celebrating this day with a slight twist, Chicken Soup for Your Dog Day. Your pets do wonders for your mental health. They are there when you need a hug, a cuddle or even when you want to vent. The unconditional love that is good for the heart, mind, and soul. Let’s give back to man’s best friend with what else, but Chicken Soup!

Did you know that chicken soup is wonderful for your dog? This is a great treat that can be poured over food or lapped up solo in their favorite bowl.  Ensure that you are feeding them all natural organic chicken soup, check those labels! 

Stop in Saturday, November 12th and get a batch of freshly cooked,  homemade chicken soups specially made with your pooch in mind. 

Share pictures and hashtag on Social Media that you’re taking part in: #Chickensoupforyourdogday


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