Your Dog and Raw Goat's Milk

The most famous physician of all time, Hippocrates, wrote: let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.

First, let’s talk about the process of pasteurization and why taking raw milk and putting it through the pasteurization process actually impacts the benefits of milk. This process actually destroys enzymes, reduces the vitamin content of the milk and even destroys the beneficial bacteria.  This process also contributes to allergies and tooth decay among a slew of other ailments. 

In 1929 John E. Crewe, M.D., the founder of the Mayo Clinic, wrote an article titles “Raw Milk Cures Many Diseases.” In this article, he speaks about the benefits of raw milk and how it can assist in many chronic diseases including asthma, kidney disease, obesity, poor digestion, heart disease, colitis just to name a few on his list. 

Let’s get to why feeding your pet raw goat's milk is beneficial to your pet! 

  1. Probiotics - Raw goat's milk is filled with probiotics, natural probiotics! Probiotics prevent issues like colitis, IBS, and diarrhea. Natural probiotics are much faster to absorb for your pet vs. powders and pills. 
  2. Relieves arthritis pain - Enzymes that help with digestion have been linked to helping to alleviate inflammation in joints. 
  3. Itchy allergies - Probiotics = Yeast fighter! There is this awesome thing called caprylic acid which is found in raw goats milk. This acid fights off yeast and destroys it. Raw goat's milk can help with stopping your fur baby from itching. 
  4. Malnutrition - If your pet is underweight or is showing signs of malnutrition raw goat's milk is the go to due to the easily absorbable protein it is filled with. 
  5. Cancer - There is research being done now that the carotene found in raw goat's milk can help prevent cancer and that conjugated acid also found in raw milk is believed to shrink cancerous tumors. 
  6. It’s delicious - Your dogs will love this! It’s a great treat for your pooch. If your pet is a picky eater topping their kibble with raw goat's milk will have them enjoying their meal. 

Raw milk of any kind is not a complete meal, but a perfect addition to any dry, raw or canned diet. Stop in and ask us about raw milk! We carry only the best, thank you Jaqueline and Roxanne of Answers Raw Goat's Milk.

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