I Got Worms

I Got Worms! We Have A Natural Solution!

Your pet may be telling you or presenting signs of parasites such as, bloated belly, lack of appetite, vomiting and sporadic diarrhea. Diatomaceous Earth is a safe natural option for you to combat an infestation of parasites in your dog or cat. DE is fossilized remains of microscopic shells created by aquatic plants called diatoms. 

In plain terms, the mechanics behind this is pretty simple. Diatomaceous Earth sharp edges (that are microscopic) make contact with the parasite and is able to get thru their protective outer shell that will eventually dehydrate the parasite which will cause death. Eggs of the parasite or insect is effected the same way. Note: the type of Diatomaceous Earth you want to purchase must ALWAYS be food grade.

It can eliminate:

  • roundworms
  • whipworms
  • pinworms
  • hookworms

For those internal parasites you can treat your pet by spreading the powder over their food. This should be done for a week to 10 days and will eliminate most parasites if fed daily. However, to kill the eggs you must feed for an additional 30-60 days to destroy any new hatched parasites. This should rid the body completely.  

Dosage Chart:

  • Kittens: 1/2 teasponn
  • Cats and Puppies: 1/2-1 teaspoon
  • Dogs under 35lbs - 1 teaspoon
  • Dogs 35-50lbs - 2 teaspoons
  • Dogs over 50lbs - 1 tablespoon
  • Dogs over 100lbs - 2 tablespoons

DE is neutral tasting. Mix with wet food or water once a day or add it to The Dining Dog's Yogurt or Whey. 

You can also treat your pets from those external bugs including fleas, ticks and more. You can easily do this by dusting your dog with Diatomaceous Earth. Also, you can rid your home of fleas by using DE around your home. Don't forget to include their bedding and carpeted areas they frequent.  Note: DE kills Bed Bugs.

Diatomaceous Earth is very cost effective (we hate saying cheap, but it is) to rid your pets from those nasty irritant parasites. Stop in and get your Diatomaceous Earth as this should be a staple in every animal loving home. 

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